Rag Rug

My finished rag rug

My finished rag rug

I made this rag rug to go in front of our log-burning stove, because sometimes sparks escape and melt our carpet – we decided it’d be better to have a rag rug to get burned instead! It’s taken me over a year to finish this project, not because rag-rugging is difficult – it’s easy! – but because it was a really big rug so a lot of rags to attach.

To make a rag rug, all you need is a piece of hessian to act as a base, a bodger, and something to measure the pieces of rag (we got our kit from here).

Hessian, bodger (top) and a gauge (bottom).

Hessian, bodger (top) and a gauge (bottom)

Other than that, all you need is to get your hands on lots of rags that you can cut up – we used some old clothes from our cupboards, jumble sales and charity shops. Thanks go to Jen who provided us with lots of fabric which we also included – it took a lot more rags than I’d initially thought!

The process is very simple, you just cut up your rags into long strips, which you wrap around the gauge and cut across so that you get lots of small strips of the same length. I imagine you could cut them by eye if you don’t have a suitable gauge. Once you have lots of strips, you use the bodger to thread the rags into the hessian (if you’re interested there are some useful instructions here).

I chose to make stripes of all of the different fabrics that we’d collected which I think turned out quite well. About half way through it became obvious we were going to run out of fabric before the end of the rug, so the colours change a bit from one side to the other, which is a bit annoying but since it’s meant to be a bit scruffy I don’t think it’s too bad.


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